This site uses:

  • Jekyll
  • GitHub Pages
  • MathJax for math formatting
  • Custom sed script for taking Notion-exported pages and fixing the math formatting
  • Jekyll Collection for talks and pubs


  1. Follow the Jekyll docs to install Jekyll and all its dependencies. Much easier than the GitHub docs.

  2. Once you have a site working locally, then follow the GitHub docs for setting up pages.

  3. From this SO answer to enable MathJax you have to add the JS for it in your head. I wrapped it in a Liquid if-statement so that it’s only loaded when needed, but that’s optional.

  4. Follow Daniel Sieger’s guide to make a publications list from a collection.

Notion Export

For some reason, Notion exports to markdown using a single dollar sign ($) for inline formulas. Unfortunately, this kinda breaks everything, since most markdown expects a dollar sign to be just a dollar sign, and a double-dollar sign for math.

Fortunately, sed exists to solve this problem. Here’s a simple script that fixes it.