About Me

A few facts about me:

  • Currently happily employed with Google as a Software Engineer

  • Living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

  • Proudly Canadian

    • Born in Montréal

    • Grew up around Toronto

    • Graduated Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo

    • Lived for a long time in Kitchener

  • While I'm not flying now, I do have a Private Pilot License (in Canada) with night and instrument ratings, and used to own a share in a Mooney

  • I love playing Ultimate Frisbee, though there isn't much opportunity to do that in Brazil

  • I speak English, French, and Portuguese fluently, and would like to learn Spanish and Arabic in the next few years

Hi! I'm Kareem, though some people call me Kimos.

I'm at times a roboticist, software developer, pilot, engineer, scuba diver, ultimate frisbee fanatic, and full-time nerd. Here you can find some basic facts about me and links to other things I've done.