Hi! I'm Kareem, though some people call me Kimos.

I'm at times a roboticist, software developer, pilot, engineer, scuba diver, ultimate frisbee fanatic, and full-time nerd. Here you can find some basic facts about me and links to other things I've done.

A few facts about me:
  • Currently happily employed with Google as a Software Engineer
  • Living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Proudly Canadian
    • Born in Montréal
    • Grew up around Toronto
    • Graduated Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo
    • Lived for a long time in Kitchener
  • While I'm not flying now, I do have a Private Pilot License (in Canada) with night and instrument ratings, and used to own a share in a Mooney
  • love playing Ultimate Frisbee, though there isn't much opportunity to do that in Brazil
  • I speak English, French, and Portuguese fluently, and would like to learn Spanish and Arabic in the next few years